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Exhibition dates:

Wednesday 15th - Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Private view on Thursday 16th May   Time: 6-9pm


Great Western Studios

65 Alfred Road


W2 5EU

(t) 020 7221 0100

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Elena’s new series of works alternate between figuration and abstraction.

Every painting is shaped by her study on uncertainty and alteration. While working, there is a long process of adjustment where she builds up many layers of paint, often to some extent or completely removing layers, in a constant process of addition and subtraction.
The protagonists of the paintings don’t have characteristics as they represent each and everyone while they are also “unknown” and therefore…”unseen”.

The layers of paint are about layered and blurred emotions and stories that overlap with each other. Words, schedules, and paths are creating or destroying real lives. The characters are often alone or being surrounded by other independent figures, not necessarily connected with each other, that define the fragility and lonileness of a human existence.


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