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Elena Tsoka was born in South Africa and has lived in both Greece and the UK. She studied Architecture and Interior Design before focusing on Art.
She has exhibited her work in shows in London and Athens.
Her paintings can be found in private collections in the UK and overseas. She currently lives and works in Notting Hill, London.


Elena Tsoka explores the link between time and feelings through a series of paintings that are about the “small world within a bigger world”.

She collects images from everyday life and tries to start a “dialogue” between buildings, open windows, figures, objects, and stories.

This narrative becomes the tool to link the two worlds of art and the human environment.  Mixed media is used on canvases to express the blurred emotions, realities, ideas, and stories.

"It is about the human stories that are happening next to us, the fast rhythms we live in, the scenes we see that never return, the people we pass by and never meet again, and the exact seconds of time that are influencing the rest of our lives."

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